Anual Partners


“We sweeten the lives of romanians for over 100 years and continue to transmit the values of traditional sweets to the young generations: halva, turkish delight, pufarine, jellies, glucose, nuga, drops.

Feleacul offers it’s sweets the guarantee of a job well done, through it’s well-known, sacred kept recipes.”

San Marco Design promotes in Iasi italian quality standards in the field of interior and exterior finishings, offering a professional range of decorative paints,paint for metals and wood, decorative plaster for facade- Colorifico San Marco brand.

The collaborations with another suppliers from Italy and Spain helps creating strong relations with their clients and their partners, through their variety in products for interior and exterior design, like grit stone, faience, mosaic, floors, tapestry, or decorative profiles of the best quality, and through their professional services qualified in counselling, design, and logistics.